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Welcome back to the overview of my Bright Future Program!

As we return to our discussion about the Mental and Physical Health pillar of the Bright Future Program, I’d like to discuss the difference between motivation and inspiration when dealing with negative symptoms of schizophrenia.  Motivation will fade, but inspiration comes from within.

When I was working through the negative symptoms of my illness, I became very familiar with the delay tactics we play on ourselves with thoughts like “I’ll do this tomorrow” or “I’ll get to that later”.  I found that repeating some positive reinforcement such as “Do it now!” went a long way in fortifying my mental health.  The more I repeated this to myself, the more I found I was willing to tackle some of those activities that seemed so difficult.  As we discussed in a previous video, the stronger my mental health became I noticed my physical health followed.

Be sure to stay tuned for an update for on my weight-loss journey!

For more information on the book I mention in the video, please see 15 Laws of Growth by John Maxwell

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For more information on my recovery story, please check out my book To Cry a Dry Tear: Bill MacPhee’s journey of hope and recovery with schizophrenia.

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