Bill MacPhee

Bill MacPhee is the author of the “To Cry A Dry Tear” book. He is retired CEO of Magpie Media, which published SZ Magazine, the award-winning magazine encouraged people affected by mental illness. Bill traveled to bring hope by sharing his struggles and triumphs with illness. Call now to learn more.

“The more thankful you are, the more successful you are.”

What do you do when you love to swim more than anything else in the world? You dedicate your life to it, of course.

I was just 19 when I started a pretty lucrative career as a commercial deep sea diver in Singapore. I was living my dream exploring the South China Sea. Nothing stood in my way.

Or so I thought.

Five years later, I was living a nightmare: Pacing a psychiatric ward, trapped in a world of illusions, delusions, paranoia and depression.

I was 24 years old when I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I was convinced my life was over. Once I even tried to make sure of it with a fistful of sleeping pills.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of someone who is completely disconnected from reality? Is it really possible to live a “normal” life after being diagnosed with a mental illness?

Yes. I’m living proof.

As a schizophrenia recovery expert, I’ve spent years educating others about mental illness. For 20 years, I published SZ Magazine, dedicating my life to helping others with schizophrenia who struggled to recover from an illness they thought they could never come back from.

I travelled throughout North America to share my story so family members, mental health professionals, and people with mental illness could see for themselves that living a full, rewarding, happy life was still possible after a diagnosis.

Now that I’m retired and no longer publishing SZ Magazine, I’m finding new ways to reach out to people affected by mental illness. By understanding mental illness better, I’m committed to share my book, To Cry a Dry Tear, with as many people as I can, and I use Facebook to reach out to families who need support while they deal with the diagnosis of a child or other family member.

Schizophrenia took me down when I was 24 years old. But it’s what ultimately led me to build myself back up into a happier, more resilient person now. Click the first chapter of To Cry a Dry Tear for free here right now, and join my free Facebook group, Helping Parents of Mentally Ill Children, to find support and friendship with others like you.

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I’m humbled to have been recognized over the years with awards and accolades celebrating my contribution to the mental health community. Among the awards I’ve received are:

  • Special Recognition Award (Canadian Psychiatric Association)
  • Flag of Hope Award (Schizophrenia Society of Alberta)
  • Community Action Award (Ministry of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation)
  • Flag of Hope Award (Schizophrenia Society of Canada)
  • Courage to Come Back Award (Centre of Addiction & Mental Health)
  • Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Award • Media Award (Canadian Mental Health Association)
  • Moving Forward Together Award (Schizophrenia Society of Ontario & Canada)
  • Taking Action Task Force Award (Schizophrenia Society of Ontario)
  • Certificate of Appreciation (NAMI-Louisiana)
  • Lionel Aldridge Award (NAMI)
  • Honorary Member (F.A.M.E)
  • Making Mental Health Happen Award (Canadian Mental Health Association)
  • T.A. Sweet Award (Ontario Psychiatric Association)
  • Transforming Lives Award (Centre for Addiction & Mental Health)
  • National Award for Excellence (Kaiser Foundation)
  • 2nd Place Honoree (National Council for Community Behavioral Health Care)