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Bill MacPhee’s Journey of Hope and Recovery With Schizophrenia, reveals the truth about living with a mental illness.

Being diagnosed with a mental illness doesn't mean you can't live a full, happy, and successful life. It means you have to live a full, happy, and successful life that takes your mental illness into account.

Bill's childhood passion for swimming led him to the South China Sea at the age of 19, where he began a promising career as a commercial deep-sea diver in Singapore.

The future looked bright for Bill, already living his dream before his 20th birthday.

Five years later, Bill was living a nightmare inside the walls of a psychiatric ward. He was trapped in a world of illusions, delusions, paranoia, and depression, thanks to schizophrenia.

He was taken to hospital six times and lived in three different group homes as a result. At one point, he tried to end his life, feeling helpless and hopeless because of the life he left behind and what seemed to be a bleak future ahead.

But Bill held on to hope. He came to terms with his mental illness and used it as a springboard to life more rewarding and full than he could have imagined.

Now a recovery expert, Bill has helped thousands of people through his work and publications. His first book, To Cry A Dry Tear, gives you a clear and vivid understanding of what goes on in the mind of someone experiencing a psychotic episode like schizophrenia.

To Cry A Dry Tear

Faye Reviewer

"I'd recommend this book to anyone with a friend or family member who suffers with schizophrenia, bipolar, or severe depression. And it may be inspiration to those suffering from these difficult diseases. It is a tool for understanding, and hope for those who may think they're alone in a journey such as Bill's."

To Cry A Dry Tear

I. Zibin Reviewer

“Put aside anything else you’re reading. Get ready to ride Bill’s coattails while he spirals out of control, down the rabbit hole of paranoia and delusion to a place where he though he could reverse time itself. Bill MacPhee is one of the most brutally honest writers I’ve read. He simply doesn’t hold anything back. Describing himself marching naked on a highway in the middle of winter while shouting religious slogans (one of the lowest points in his life), is a scene I will not soon forget. If you or anyone else you know suffers from schizophrenia, you need to read this book.”

Linda M. Rice

Goodreads Reader

"Awesome writing....Thank you for so honestly sharing the good times as well as the bad son has schizophrenia and has had his good and bad times as well...God bless you and hope you have continued success...."

Elin Widdifield

Co-author of Behind the Wall: The True Story of Mental Illness As Told by Parents

"A MUST READ! Bill MacPhee, who lives with schizophrenia tells his story of recovery. A successful business person, Bill tells the story of his first psychotic episodes and wandering the streets, to lying on his parents' couch, to his current success. What's more, we learn of his journey through the perspective of others, including his doctor. Anyone who lives with a mental illness, who cares for a person with mental illness, and all professionals in the mental health field must read this poignant book about one person's journey to recovery."

Pamela G. Coates Reviewer

"Awesome writing....Thank you for so honestly sharing the good times as well as the bad son has schizophrenia and has had his good and bad times as well...God bless you and hope you have continued success...."

Kim Milligan Reviewer

"Your story was well written. My adult son was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year. Your story helps me have hope for his future. Easy to read and understand!"

Twinkle Reviewer

"Bill's story was so well told and helped me to understand our son who has a similar diagnosis. I would recommend it for all family members of someone suffering with this disease."

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It’s natural for you to want to make things easier for your child and minimize their pain, but you can’t take away their mental illness.

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Parents who have never experienced a mental health issue may find it hard to understand how difficult doing even the simplest things can be for someone recovering from schizophrenia, depression, or many other mental illnesses.

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